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Almas Collection Jewellers has a historical Timeline for almost 50 years after the partition. Since its birth, Almas followed its slogan of "Generation Jewellers" and made a tremendous fame in Pakistan, and all over worldwide desi community families catering the yellow metal lover's i-e Gold and other Precious items. It is proudly the largest privately owned jewelry chain, with shop in Saddar, Zamzama, Dolmen Mall Clifton, Dallas Texas, USA also catering our international distance customers all over the world by our Virtual Online Store at through E-business.


Almas Collection has recently added another exclusive venue for fine jewelry, "The Diamond & Bridal Jewelry Lounge" Dolmen Mall Clifton Karachi. The exclusive jewelry lounge gives you a feel of an elite class where Almas caters our valued customers alike.


Almas Collection Jewelers has been jewelry Designers since 1967. Almas Collection Jewelers manufacture exclusively designed high quality jewelry for customers & reputable clients. Being a jewelry designer for so long Almas Collection Jewelers has been applying in all our design the very best techniques and skills, to create exquisite and unique jewelry designs for a true art.


Almas Collection Jewelers from our family to yours. Almas Collection items come with the exquisite service and quality upon which Almas Collection has built its reputation since 1967. Longtime remember founder Our company founder standing every day at his outlet, greeting customer with a smile and remembering every name of any customer he had ever met, and going the extra mile to make every purchase from Almas Collection Jewelers one that was "Simply Beautiful".


Our Company Chairman, motto was "The harder you work, the luckier you become". To that end, Almas Collection was one of the first jewelers to provide late night hours to give customer greater shopping convenience during festive events. The same sprite stays with us today, with every Almas Collection employee working hard to exceed our customer's expectations and make your experience with exceptional in every way.


Products: Almas Collection has been known for its exceptional line of fine jewelry, collectible, customized and family jewelry. We offer a broad selection of diamond, precious and semi precious gemstones, pearl, gold sterling silver and platinum jewelry, charms, collectibles and gifts for every occasion and interest for woman, men, teens and even children. Almas Collection Jewelers also offers many exclusive lines of high-end jewelry such as our Diamond Jewelry collection and our Exclusive Color Gemstone Collection, as well as certified diamonds and beautiful value-prices jewelry to fit discerning shoppers of all budgets.


Quality: Is a Cut Above at Almas Collection Obsessive about quality, our expert insects every piece at least twice. The first inspection is done at the manufactures according to our stringent requirements. A second inspection is done again by our trained quality inspectors after we receive the items before they are declared fit to sell to our customers. Additional inspections occur, such as on any items that has been sized or had custom work done as well as spot inspections during packaging for shipping directly to a customer or to a store.


Dr. Diamond: Dr. Diamond is a term introduced by Almas Collection, it's actually a natural phenomenon that whether we want to buy something new, plan to build a house, choosing a new car, or even when we want to inspect our own health, we consult with the experts of the specific field to avoid losses and get expert analysis and advice. That is why Almas Jewelers introduced services of Dr. Diamond, Our Company Diamond Expert, who has acquired his Graduate Diamonds Degree from Gemological Institute of America and have a vast experience of Diamond grading and precious stones. It is our firm believe that we do not compromise on quality and customer satisfaction, customers can consult with Dr. Diamond for a quick and reliable about diamond buying.


Corporate Gift Expert: In the year 1997 Almas restructured its organizational hierarchy and formed an export / supplying unit by the name of Almas Exports a subsidiary of Almas Collection. Almas Exports deal as a separate manufacturing and supplying company. After its establishment Almas Exports has gained tremendous market credibility by supplying precious metal and stones jewelry to the domestic and international market. Almas Exports has also been an active manufacturer & supplier of the designer jewelry wear in precious metals and precious stones to the USA market along with European and Middle East sector. Almas Exports is also the major manufacturer and supplier of gold medals / emblems / coins / bars for the National & Multinational companies for their long service excellence awards and other souvenir offered by companies to their corporate employees and vendors as a gift in 24 / 22 Karat Gold and other precious metal as per the company's requirements.


Abstract: Our People, Professional and Passionate, the passion for beautiful jewelry and exquisite service runs deep at Almas Collection, from our buyers who scour the world to find just the right merchandise to delight our customer, to finance personal going the extra mile to ensure a refund is processed promptly, to our sales team whose vast knowledge of both products and people can help guide our customer through the most difficult of purchasing decisions, from engagement rings to that perfect Father's Day present.


Our Promise: Our company founder, Almas Collection Jewelers very often tell his associates: The most important thing I've learned is that you never argue with a customer. You’ve just got to do right by people.

He carried that philosophy into his treatment of employees, vendors and customers alike, stating that his priorities were to "treat all my people like I'd want to be treated? I respect them and I let them know they were loved and appreciated." This philosophy and lifelong commitment has been carried on by the new generation, earning Almas Jewelers fiercely loyal customer, vendors and employees.

From these simple but strong belies has evolved jewelers Promise:


Our goal is to make your life - Simply Beautiful