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Jade Jewelry can be found in emperor's tombs from thousands of years ago. Because of its smooth even texture, jade has long been a preferred material for carving, and also used for making beautiful jade jewelry with gold and other precious metals. The most common shape is the flat donut-shaped disc called a pi, which is commonly worn as a necklace.
The Emerald Buddha, the sacred image that is enshrined at Wat Phra Kaeo in Bangkok, Thailand, is actually beautiful green jadeite. Jadeite jade comes in lavender, pink, yellow, and white.

While jadeite is mined today primarily in Myanmar, small quantities can be found in Guatemala. Jade is mined in Canada, Australia, the United States, and Taiwan.

Jade is most often sold by the piece rather than per carat.

Although the overall color is the most important value factor, attention is also paid to translucency, texture, and also to pattern. Certain patterns, including moss in snow, are highly valued.

Both jadeite and nephrite are very durable and tough, although jadeite is slightly harder than nephrite due to its microcrystalline structure.