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Lucky Stones

Stones and their Astrological Significance:

Zodiac Planet Stone Finger Properties
Aries Mars Coral Ring-Finger Prosperity
Taurus Venus Diamond Little-Finger Abstinence & Chastity
Gemini Mercury Emerald Little-Finger Love & Felicity
Cancer Moon Pearl Ring-Finger Long Life & Prosperity
Leo Sun Ruby Index-Finger Love, Health, Cure from Evils
Virgo Mercury Emerald Little-Finger Love & Health
Libra Venus Diamond Little-Finger Constancy & Innocence
Scorpion Mars Coral Ring-Finger Friendship & Help
Sagittarius Jupiter Yellow-Sapphire Index-Finger Peace of Mind
Capricorn Saturn Blus-Sapphire Middle-Finger Joy, Freedom from Sadness
Aquarius saturn Blue-Sapphire Middle-Finger Peace of Mind
Pisces Jupiter Yellow-Sapphire Index-Finger Courage & Wisdom

Birth Stones:

Jan Feb March April May June
Garnet Amethyst Aquamarine Diamond Emerald Pearl
July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Ruby Peridot Sapphire Opal Citrine/Topaz Blue Zircon

The chart give above is for informational purpose only, it does not represent our views or advise in the properties of the stones or their benefits attained by wearing or possessing this stones, you should consult an expert before making your decisions based on this chart.