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Ruby Stone

The world's most valued gemstone - Ruby.

The most important factor in the value of a ruby is color. The top qualities are as red as you can imagine, Rubies are more valuable and even rare than the top quality colorless diamonds. Top rubies measuring, Sizes above five carats are are not easily found. The intensity of color of a fine ruby is very bright Red. After color, the other factors which influence the value of a ruby are clarity, cut, and size. Rubies that are perfectly transparent, with no tiny flaws, are more valuable. A well-cut stone should reflect back light evenly across the surface without a dark or washed-out area in the center that can result from a stone that is too deep or shallow. The shape should also be symmetrical and there shouldn't be any nicks or scratches in the polish. Rubies and other gemstones are sold per carat, a unit of weight equal to one-fifth of a gram. Larger rubies, because they are more rare, will cost more per carat than smaller stones of the same quality. The most famous source of fine rubies is Burma, which is now called Myanmar. Some top-quality rubies appear on the market from Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The ruby jewelry we carry is made by some of the worlds best artisans, the jewelry is made in 22 karat gold purity, some diamond jewelry set in combination with rubies is made in 18 karat gold purity, to know about gold purity and why jewelry is made in different karats you may visit here.