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Explore the enchanting world of our Silver Collection, where grace and versatility intertwine. Uncover the captivating allure of silver, renowned for its timeless charm and affordable luxury. Adorn yourself with our meticulously crafted silver jewelry, designed to accentuate your unique style. From delicate necklaces to statement rings, our collection offers endless possibilities for expressing your individuality.
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    Emerald Fusion Earrings

    Rs.75,000.00 Rs.54,000.00

    Sapphire Silver Kara

    Rs.255,000.00 Rs.165,000.00

    Smoky Enchantment Ring

    Rs.12,600.00 Rs.8,652.00

    Midnight Silver Ring

    Rs.30,240.00 Rs.12,600.00

    Emerald Silver Kara

    Rs.49,560.00 Rs.42,840.00

    Silver Locket


    Ivy Silver Crown


    Ruby Radiance Ring

    Rs.16,560.00 Rs.8,652.00

    Sapphire Serenade Locket

    Rs.23,520.00 Rs.12,112.00

    Cascade Kundan Ring

    Rs.11,040.00 Rs.8,400.00



    Jade Silver Ring

    Rs.25,200.00 Rs.12,600.00

    Regal Silver Ring

    Rs.9,600.00 Rs.4,800.00

    Azure Elegance Cufflinks

    Rs.38,100.00 Rs.16,995.00

    Ethereal Enchantment Ring

    Rs.16,750.00 Rs.7,416.00

    Polki Silver Kara

    Rs.37,500.00 Rs.33,000.00

    Ethereal Silver Ring

    Rs.24,000.00 Rs.12,000.00

    Flame Silver Ring

    Rs.27,000.00 Rs.11,250.00

    Splendour Silver Ring

    Rs.27,000.00 Rs.11,250.00

    Divine Silver Ring

    Rs.24,000.00 Rs.12,000.00

    Tempest Silver Ring

    Rs.27,000.00 Rs.11,250.00

    Crown Silver Ring

    Rs.33,600.00 Rs.13,440.00

    Lagoon Silver Ring

    Rs.27,000.00 Rs.12,750.00

    Onyx Silver Ring

    Rs.28,500.00 Rs.12,750.00

    Ruby Aurora Silver Ring

    Rs.30,000.00 Rs.13,500.00

    Golden Silver Ring

    Rs.39,000.00 Rs.15,000.00

    Glistening Gem Silver Ring

    Rs.30,000.00 Rs.13,500.00

    Sterling Silver Ring

    Rs.37,500.00 Rs.13,500.00

    Pure Silver Ring

    Rs.30,000.00 Rs.14,400.00

    Kundan Silver Ring

    Rs.19,200.00 Rs.9,600.00

    Vermilion Silver Ring

    Rs.26,400.00 Rs.10,800.00

    Aurora Silver Ring

    Rs.28,800.00 Rs.12,960.00

    Chromatic Silver Ring

    Rs.21,600.00 Rs.9,600.00

    Aqua Silver Ring

    Rs.19,200.00 Rs.9,600.00

    Green Silver Ring

    Rs.24,000.00 Rs.10,200.00

    Rainbow Silver Ring

    Rs.24,000.00 Rs.10,200.00

    Turquoise Silver Ring

    Rs.20,400.00 Rs.9,000.00

    Feroza Silver Ring

    Rs.19,200.00 Rs.8,400.00

    Velvet Silver Ring

    Rs.19,200.00 Rs.9,600.00

    Sparkle Silver Ring

    Rs.26,400.00 Rs.9,600.00

    Rosa Silver Ring

    Rs.30,000.00 Rs.14,400.00

    Tranquil Silver Ring

    Rs.31,200.00 Rs.15,600.00

    Blush Silver Ring

    Rs.26,400.00 Rs.9,600.00

    Noble Silver Ring

    Rs.24,000.00 Rs.12,000.00

    Passion Silver Ring

    Rs.26,400.00 Rs.13,200.00

    Serenity Silver Ring

    Rs.18,000.00 Rs.9,000.00

    Crimson Silver Ring

    Rs.26,400.00 Rs.10,800.00

    Regalia Silver Ring

    Rs.12,000.00 Rs.6,000.00

    Starry Silver Ring

    Rs.48,000.00 Rs.24,000.00

    Twilight Silver Ring

    Rs.9,600.00 Rs.4,800.00

    Azure Silver Ring

    Rs.9,600.00 Rs.4,800.00

    Zircon Silver Ring

    Rs.12,000.00 Rs.6,000.00

    Treasure Silver Ring

    Rs.24,000.00 Rs.12,000.00

    Opal Silver Ring

    Rs.19,200.00 Rs.9,600.00

    Sky Serenity Silver Ring

    Rs.26,400.00 Rs.14,400.00

    Enchanted Green Silver Ring

    Rs.48,000.00 Rs.18,000.00

    Zirconia Silver Ring

    Rs.24,000.00 Rs.12,000.00

    Gem of Tranquility Silver Ring

    Rs.46,080.00 Rs.17,280.00

    Fiery Gem Silver Ring

    Rs.24,000.00 Rs.12,000.00

    Clarity Silver Ring

    Rs.32,000.00 Rs.9,600.00

    Scarlet Silver Ring

    Rs.19,200.00 Rs.9,600.00

    Mystic Green Silver Ring

    Rs.33,600.00 Rs.13,440.00

    Ocean Dream Silver Ring

    Rs.19,200.00 Rs.8,400.00

    Radiant Silver Ring

    Rs.28,800.00 Rs.14,400.00

    Crystal Silver Ring

    Rs.24,000.00 Rs.12,000.00

    Evergreen Silver Ring

    Rs.15,600.00 Rs.7,200.00

    Onyx Zirconia Noir Ring

    Rs.7,200.00 Rs.4,326.00

    Golden Radiance Bracelet

    Rs.42,000.00 Rs.18,540.00

    Silver Enchanted Bracelet

    Rs.56,400.00 Rs.23,175.00

    Stellar Zirconia Serenade Bracelet

    Rs.60,000.00 Rs.28,582.00

    Crimson Gemstone Bracelet

    Rs.42,000.00 Rs.20,085.00

    Starry Night Bracelet

    Rs.33,768.00 Rs.15,573.00

    Zirconia Dreamscape Bracelet

    Rs.23,520.00 Rs.14,708.00

    Zirconia Sparkle Bracelet

    Rs.27,888.00 Rs.14,708.00

    Zirconia Stardust Ring

    Rs.9,360.00 Rs.7,118.00

    Celestial Zirconia Ring

    Rs.11,880.00 Rs.6,303.00

    Champagne Gleam Ring

    Rs.7,200.00 Rs.5,438.00

    Zirconia Starlight Ring

    Rs.7,800.00 Rs.6,798.00

    Topaz Zirconia Serenity Ring

    Rs.7,920.00 Rs.4,326.00

    Zirconia Brilliance Ring

    Rs.7,200.00 Rs.3,708.00

    Royal Cufflinks

    Rs.30,408.00 Rs.13,843.00

    Turquoise Oasis Cufflinks

    Rs.28,224.00 Rs.12,978.00

    Onyx Elegance Cufflinks

    Rs.28,224.00 Rs.12,978.00

    Regal Silver Serenity Chain

    Rs.42,000.00 Rs.19,652.00

    Majestic Silver Chain

    Rs.13,440.00 Rs.9,500.00

    Tourmaline Radiance Earrings

    Rs.17,472.00 Rs.9,517.00

    Pearlescent Charms Earrings

    Rs.24,472.00 Rs.11,333.00

    Emerald Topaz Elegance Earrings

    Rs.25,368.00 Rs.11,760.00

    Amethyst Zirconia Radiance Earrings

    Rs.25,368.00 Rs.11,247.00

    Emerald Zirconia Treasures Earrings

    Rs.31,500.00 Rs.14,616.00

    Enchanted Gem Medley Earrings

    Rs.38,808.00 Rs.18,169.00

    Crimson Radiance Ring

    Rs.9,000.00 Rs.4,200.00

    Symphony Fusion Ring

    Rs.10,800.00 Rs.6,488.00

    Zircon Brilliance Locket

    Rs.13,440.00 Rs.6,921.00

    Emerald Zirconia Radiance Ring

    Rs.10,200.00 Rs.6,180.00

    Emerald Zirconia Elegance Locket

    Rs.13,440.00 Rs.7,786.00

    Ruby Zirconia Radiance Locket

    Rs.13,104.00 Rs.6,748.00

    Divine Quranic Whispers Locket

    Rs.16,128.00 Rs.7,786.00

    Amethyst Zirconia Harmony Silver Set

    Rs.28,500.00 Rs.15,450.00

    Trinity Gem Splendour Ring

    Rs.13,584.00 Rs.8,034.00

    Regal Gemstone Symphony Silver Locket Set

    Rs.28,500.00 Rs.15,450.00

    Emerald Hearts Silver Locket Set

    Rs.15,000.00 Rs.9,270.00

    Amethyst Whispers Silver Locket Set

    Rs.37,500.00 Rs.22,800.00

    Tricolour Treasures Silver Set

    Rs.26,040.00 Rs.19,899.00

    Royal Gemstone Symphony Silver Set

    Rs.23,520.00 Rs.17,304.00

    Sparkle Drops Studs

    Rs.35,100.00 Rs.27,810.00

    Zesty Zircon Studs

    Rs.25,200.00 Rs.14,884.00

    Tourmaline Glow Studs

    Rs.42,750.00 Rs.33,757.00

    Topaz Dreams Ring

    Rs.14,256.00 Rs.6,789.00

    Amethyst Dewdrop Earrings

    Rs.76,500.00 Rs.56,180.00

    Aqua Dream Earrings

    Rs.54,096.00 Rs.45,336.00

    Rubaadur Eclipsia Studs

    Rs.24,948.00 Rs.19,726.00

    Shampian Glow Studs

    Rs.31,248.00 Rs.23,360.00

    Rubyzir Eleganza Studs

    Rs.31,200.00 Rs.25,028.00

    Oceanic Elegance Ring

    Rs.18,468.00 Rs.8,652.00

    Luminary Topaz Zirconia Bracelet

    Rs.58,800.00 Rs.47,586.00

    MystiZir Jade Studs

    Rs.37,800.00 Rs.19,899.00

    Silver Gleam Studs

    Rs.20,664.00 Rs.16,438.00

    Radiant Glow Topaz Zircon Ring

    Rs.11,664.00 Rs.5,562.00

    Glimmering Mirage Earrings

    Rs.14,100.00 Rs.13,905.00

    Whispering Whirl Studs

    Rs.15,960.00 Rs.14,708.00

    Silver Forst Studs

    Rs.22,848.00 Rs.20,764.00

    Radiant Zircon Dreams Studs

    Rs.22,200.00 Rs.20,085.00

    Zirconia Shimmer Studs

    Rs.31,920.00 Rs.25,956.00

    Glittering Galaxy Ring

    Rs.21,504.00 Rs.10,506.00

    Silver Swirl Ring

    Rs.10,800.00 Rs.7,660.00

    Zephyr Pearl Sparkle Earrings

    Rs.23,016.00 Rs.17,753.00

    Moonlit Melody Ring

    Rs.18,000.00 Rs.14,461.00

    Serene Sway Ring

    Rs.22,800.00 Rs.17,304.00

    Moon Light Elegance Ring

    Rs.9,600.00 Rs.6,340.00

    Silver Luna Ring

    Rs.6,000.00 Rs.3,708.00

    Silver Symphony Ring

    Rs.10,800.00 Rs.9,270.00

    Mystical Moonstone Ring

    Rs.13,056.00 Rs.5,932.00

    Misty Glow Ring

    Rs.11,124.00 Rs.8,157.00

    Misty Mirage Ring

    Rs.13,200.00 Rs.10,753.00


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