Bloom Diamond Earring

SKU: DTP-922

Stone: Emerald and Diamond 
Weight: 18.562 gms 

The floral-inspired Bloom Diamond Earring captures nature's beauty and diamond excellence. This stunning earring combines emerald and diamond for a timeless look. The earring's vibrant emerald symbolises life and new beginnings. Emerald's vivid green tones invoke nature's freshness and add luxury. Diamonds are carefully set around the emerald-like flower petals. The Bloom Diamond Earring's diamonds shine like never before due to precision and attention to detail. The setting and arrangement make the earrings shine brightly. Gold or platinum settings lend elegance to the earring. The Bloom Diamond Earring exudes grace and beauty, worn alone or with other jewellery. It blends the elegance of diamonds with the vibrancy of emeralds, making it ideal for any occasion. Take advantage of the Bloom Diamond Earring's charm.

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