Nothing is more valuable than your Peace of Mind, Integrity, Ethics, and Trust. There has been no more significant measure of quality assurance since 1967. Almas Jewellers has a historical timeline of almost half a century following its slogan of "Generation Goldsmith" and has tremendous fame in Pakistan, the Middle East, and the U.S.A. region. 

Almas has built our reputation on providing every client with superior service, professional advice, and absolute care because nothing is worth more to us than your peace of mind. 

Almas Expertise:

"The Generation Goldsmith"
  • Diamond Designer Jewelry.
  • Exclusive Bridal Wear for Special Moments.
  • Costume & Cocktail Collection.
  • Accredited Assayer, Appraiser, & Grader of Gold, Diamond, & Gemstone.
  • Corporate Awards, Gifts Services.
  • Manufacturer & Supplier of Medals, Emblems, Coins, Awards, Souvenirs, Bars, in all precious metal and any purity.
  • Exporter & Wholesaler of precious & semi precious jewelry worldwide. E-business facility, Virtual Online Store at
  • Member GIA Alumni Since 2005
  • GIA Certified Diamonds.
  • AJA: Accredited Jewelry Arts & Professional
  • DG: Graduate Diamonds.
  • Jewelry Designing on 3D CAD/CAM, Matrix & Jewel Art.
  • TQM ISO 9000 Certified.