Tempest Silver Ring

Rs.27,000.00 Rs.11,250.00
SKU: SRG-1257

Stone: Topaz

Weight: 9.08 grams

The Tempest Silver Ring, a dazzling topaz stone set in sterling silver, is a mesmerising example of how elegance and energy . The colour of the rock, a brilliant blue, is evocative of the fury of a raging storm and, as such, captures the spirit of strength and transformation. This ring symbolises perseverance and determination, making it the ideal accessory for those who see the beauty that can be found in life's difficulties. Any outfit may be made more daring and captivating by the addition of the Tempest Silver Ring, which deftly combines an air of sophistication with a dash of charisma. It serves as a constant reminder of your inner fortitude and the beauty that may emerge from the most trying experiences in life.

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