Nacre Gold Earring

SKU: TPS-4050

Stone: Pearl Stones
Weight: 13.719

The Nacre Gold Earring exudes elegant timelessness. Radiant gold frames the ethereal beauty of pearls in this stunning necklace. Named after shells' iridescent inner interior, the Nacre Earring highlights pearls' innate beauty. Pearls elegantly dangle from the gold setting, revealing their iridescent sheen. Its elegant and simple style makes it suitable for formal and everyday situations. The Nacre Gold Earring's understated luxury reflects the pearls' purity and beauty. This timeless piece blends classic and modern elegance to elevate your outfit. The Nacre Gold Earring symbolises sophisticated taste and lasting beauty, whether worn with an evening gown or everyday elegance.


 Note: Most pieces are made to order, please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery.