Onyx Gold Ring

SKU: RG-5071

Stone: Zircon
Weight: 4.800 gms 

The bold, elegant Onyx Gold Ring is stunning. This intricately detailed ring blends conflicting components, making it an intriguing accessory for individuals who love unusual and dramatic jewellery. The ring's gold band luxuriously supports the fascinating diamonds. Gold's warm tones enhance the black onyx stones' darker hues and the white zircon and champion stones' sparkle. A mysterious black onyx stone dominates the design. Its polished finish contrasts with the white zircon and champion stones, strikingly combining them. White zircon stones shimmer, while champion stones glow golden, making the ring more appealing. Each stone is carefully placed for a sleek, classy appeal. Black onyx, white zircon, and champion stones create balance and drama, making the Onyx Gold Ring a flexible item that can go from casual to dressy. This striking ring expresses bold individualism and polished taste. Modern sophistication makes the Onyx Gold Ring an excellent alternative for people who like statement jewellery.

Note: Most pieces are made to order, please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery.