Pearl Serenade Gold Earrings

SKU: TPS-5006

Stone : Pearl Champion and zircon
Weight : 29.880 gms 

Pearl Serenade Gold Earrings reflect elegance and class. These flawless earrings combine pearls' timeless beauty, white zircon's brilliance, and champion stones' regal majesty. These stunning earrings include lustrous pearls, known for their natural beauty and classic appeal. Each pearl is picked for size and lustre. Pearls gently dangle, adding elegance to the design. White zircon stones frame the pearls, reflecting light at every move. Their bright shine makes the earrings look beautiful and eye-catching. Champion stones provide regal elegance to the design. Champion stones' earthy tones blend with pearls' elegance for a fascinating and harmonious look. A solid gold setting gives the earrings a sumptuous look. The exquisite but modest craftsmanship highlights the jewels. The latch-back closures keep the earrings in place, making them perfect for any occasion. Pearl Serenade Gold Earrings are a fusion of classic elegance and modern sophistication. These earrings demonstrate exquisite taste and timeless style, whether worn for a special occasion or daily.

 Note: Most pieces are made to order, please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery.