Meena Gold Baali

SKU: BL-1358

weight: 6.014 grams

Traditional art and modern design make the Meena Gold Baali fascinating. These stunning gold earrings display meenakari, a conventional Indian enamelwork technique that fuses colourful enamels. Each baali is meticulously crafted with a delicate arrangement of meena colours to produce a lively and beautiful pattern. The earrings' vibrant meena colours, delicately applied to gold, provide a festive touch. Classic circular baalis with beautiful meenakari embroidery are a great blend of legacy and contemporary. A rich gold background makes the meena colours shine, blending heritage and modernity. The Meena Gold Baali is more than just jewellery—it represents the rich cultural tradition and skill that goes into each masterpiece. Enhance your style with these dazzling baalis that seamlessly blend history and modernity.

 Note: Most pieces are made to order, please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery.