Meena Infused Gold Baali

SKU: BL-1361

Weight: 7.360 grams

Meenakari skill and gold combine in the Meena Infused Gold Baali, a celebration of art and heritage. These baalis show how talented hands and creativity can create complex beauty. These meena-coloured baalis have a precise enamel infusion, creating a gorgeous red, green, blue palette, and more. Meenakari's elaboration on baalis creates elaborate patterns and designs that convey cultural significance and creative elegance. The high-quality gold baalis highlight meenakari and radiate warmth. These baalis are appealing accessories that instantly upgrade any ensemble because to the clash of meena colours and gold. More than jewellery, the Meena Infused Gold Baali is a wearable work of art that honours meenakari workmanship. These magnificent baalis combine classic elegance with modern style to celebrate tradition and make a statement.

 Note: Most pieces are made to order, please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery.