Ruby Gold Flame Bangles

SKU: BN-1054

stone; Ruby 
Weight: 91.200 grams

Ruby Gold Flame Bangles combine heritage and modern design to create a stunning wristpiece. These bangles showcase timeless beauty with craftsmanship and love. Bangles with flame-inspired designs signify passion and fire. Ruby gemstones accent the design against the gold's warm, rich sheen. Each rich crimson ruby adds regal splendour and refinement to the composition. Simple and intricate, the bangles are ideal. Goldsmiths meticulously create every curve and shape to display their skill and passion. The rubies' flaming brilliance contrasts with the bangles' plain gold portions, enhancing their appeal. The Ruby Gold Flame Bangles exude elegance and originality, worn alone or with others. These bangles reflect gold and rubies' eternal beauty and are perfect for formal and informal situations. They adorn the wrists like flickering flames, providing a lasting sense of richness and beauty.

 Note: Most pieces are made to order, please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery.