Garnet Gleam Bangles

SKU: BN-1056

stone: Ruby
Weight: 120.000 grams

The Garnet Gleam Bangles combine the lustre of ruby with the warmth of gold for a dazzling display of luminous beauty. The gorgeous bangles, made in shiny gold and decorated with beautiful ruby gemstones, demonstrate skill and refinement. As they dance enchantedly with the radiance of the gold setting, the rubies' rich red colour conveys a feeling of warmth and intensity. The design of the Garnet Gleam Bangles is a perfect fusion of old and new, creating an enduring accessory that will go with everything. In addition to enhancing your outfit with grandeur, these bangles symbolise love, passion, and life through the ruby gemstones' brilliant brilliance. The Garnet Gleam Bangles are a stunning example of exquisite jewellery design; they combine the radiance of rubies with the beauty of gold for an eye-catching show of sophistication.

Note: Most pieces are made to order, please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery.