Coffee Gold Kara

SKU: KR-1614

Stones : Coffee .

Weight : 61.812 grams

The Coffee Gold Kara is a luxurious wristband that radiates coffee tones. This stunning kara blends gold's shine with coffee zircon stones' allure, producing a sophisticated and indulgent piece. Each coffee zircon stone in the Coffee Gold Kara is meticulously crafted to match your favourite coffee's rich tones. Golden settings accentuate stone brilliance, producing a beautiful colour and elegance mix. Elegant and adaptable, this kara is a stunning complement for any event. Wearing the Coffee Gold Kara invites you to enjoy coffee-inspired colours and gold's timeless appeal. Add rich allure and sparkling radiance to your every motion with this kara on your wrist. Enjoy the Coffee Gold Kara, where elegance and coffee zircon stones blend well.

 Note: Most pieces are made to order; please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery.