Emerald Glided Gold Kara

SKU: KR-1627

Stones : Emerald

Weight : 26.231 grams

The Emerald Glided Gold Kara, a stunning wrist piece, combines gold's timeless shine with emerald's rich greenery. This stunning kara oozes grandeur and green glamour with its subtle elegance and natural beauty. Each emerald stone in the Emerald Glided Gold Kara is meticulously set to show off its colour. The emeralds sparkle in the golden setting, creating a perfect dance of colour and grandeur. Elegant and adaptable, this kara is a stunning complement for any event. The Emerald Glided Gold Kara invites you to experience emeralds and gold's magnificence. Put this kara around your wrist to bring natural beauty and sparkling shine to your every move. In the Emerald Glided Gold Kara, elegance and emerald beauty blend perfectly.

 Note: Most pieces are made to order; please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery.