Ruby Gold Locket Set

SKU: LKS-1704

Stones : Ruby And Zircon

Weight : 7.2 grams

The Ruby Gold Locket Set combines rubies' passionate attraction with zircon stones' brilliant brilliance in gold. This luxurious locket set exudes grandeur and timeless beauty with its rich hues and shine. With meticulously positioned rubies and zircon stones, the Ruby Gold Locket Set dances of colour and light on the golden canvas. The design sparkles with light, exuding glamour and grandeur. Its versatility and elegance make this combination a treasured and eye-catching addition for any occasion. Wear the Ruby Gold Locket Set to experience rubies, zircon stones, and gold's timeless beauty. This set may hold your memories and bring passion and beauty to your actions. In the Ruby Gold Locket Set, elegance meets a stunning blend of gold, rubies, and zircon stones.

 Note: Most pieces are made to order; please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery.