White Zircon Gold Ring

SKU: RG-5200

Stone: Zircon
Weight: 7.320 gms 

Classic elegance and understated splendour define the White Zircon Gold Ring. This meticulously crafted ring blends classic design with modern appeal. The ring's dazzling gold band enhances the white zircon stones' beauty. The intricate craftsmanship ensures a smooth, comfortable fit that improves the wearing experience. White zircon stones are precisely placed at the heart of the ring to capture and reflect light brilliantly. These perfectly aligned stones produce a stunning display of pure glitter. The zircons' facets make the ring shine, making it an attractive accessory. The white zircons' colourlessness refines the pattern. Their clarity and brilliance symbolise purity and timelessness. Intended for formal and everyday glamour, the White Zircon Gold Ring enhances any outfit when worn alone or with accompanying jewellery. This ring celebrates timeless style with its polished aesthetics and varied appeal. A timeless addition to any jewellery collection, the White Zircon Gold Ring shows refined taste.

 Note: Most pieces are made to order, please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery.