Emerald Gold Nose Pin

SKU: NP-250

Stones : Emerald

Weight : 0.44 grams

Introduce the Emerald Gold Nose Pin, a lush ornament that adds natural elegance to your style. A stunning emerald stone is set in gold in this magnificent nose pin. The Emerald Gold Nose Pin is exquisitely designed and timeless. The nose pin's centre is a stunning emerald set in a golden frame to create a balanced blend of lush greens and subtle grace. The careful design highlights the emerald's stunning colour while remaining subtle and wearable. The Emerald Gold Nose Pin invites you to embrace emeralds' inherent beauty and gold's durability. Wear this on your nose to lend a touch of royal elegance to your appearance. The Emerald Gold Nose Pin pairs refinement with the ideal blend of gold and emeralds for a glamorous symphony.

 Note: Most pieces are made to order; please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery.