"Aqeeq Gold Ring "

SKU: RG-5037

Stones : Aqeeq And Zircon

Weight : 6.156 grams

The Aqeeq Gold Ring combines cultural relevance and timeless beauty. This stunning ring blends gold's warmth, aqeeq stone's earthiness, and zircon's brilliance to convey tradition and sophistication. An intricately crafted aqeeq stone is surrounded by zircon stones in the Aqeeq Gold Ring. Opulent gold settings enhance the aqeeq's innate brilliance and merge with the glittering zircon. Cultural heritage and modern elegance make this ring a remarkable complement for any occasion. Wearing the Aqeeq Gold Ring invites you to appreciate its rich symbolism and gold's timeless beauty. Wear this ring to bring cultural importance and sparkling shine to your every move. In the Aqeeq Gold Ring, history and elegance blend perfectly.

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