Gem Gold Earring

SKU: TPS-5530

Stone : Zircon
Weight : 2.040 gms

The Gem Gold Earring combines elegance and brilliance beautifully. This exquisite earring with white zircon stones is meticulously crafted. The beautiful setting of each gem creates a symphony of brilliance that sparkles with every movement. An elegant stone in the earring's centre lends refinement to any outfit. White zircons shine in the gold setting, producing a sophisticated look. This stunning item is enhanced by its detailed quality and brilliant stone arrangement. The Gem Gold Earring is versatile and eye-catching, making it an excellent choice for any event. This earring represents sophisticated taste and timeless appeal, whether worn with a casual or formal ensemble. Enjoy the Gem Gold Earring, which combines white zircons' brilliance with gold's classic elegance.

  Note: Most pieces are made to order, please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery.