Dangling Gold Earrings

SKU: Tps-5534
Weight : 22.416 gms 

The Dangling Gold Earring exudes sophistication and grace. This pure gold earring has a delicate drop that delicately suspends, producing a subtle dance of light and movement. The Dangling Gold Earring balances simplicity and complexity. Pure gold adds luxury and enhances the earring's shine. The eye-catching elongated drop design makes it a timeless and adaptable accessory that works day and night. The earring's moniker, "Dangling," captures its unique design. It adds movement and charm to any outfit as gently sways with the wearer. Its simplistic yet stunning design is perfect for people seeking a balance between classic and modern fashion. The Dangling Gold Earring symbolises eternal beauty and charm, worn alone or with complementing accessories. Upgrade your outfit with this stunning earring, a tribute to pure gold and excellent jewellery craftsmanship.

Note: Most pieces are made to order, please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery.