Rhinestone Gold Earring

SKU: Tps-5576
Stone : Zircon
Weight : 3.888 gms 
The Rhinestone Gold Earring is a stunning combination of old and new. These elegant gold earrings are embellished with brilliant white zircon stones to provide a touch of sparkle. The earring's intricate setting highlights each white zircon's splendour. Strategically positioned stones capture and reflect light, creating a mesmerising shimmer with every movement. The result is an elegant and beautiful item that improves any style. Rhinestone Gold Earrings suit many styles and events. This earring exudes sophistication and luxury, worn alone or with complementing gold items. Pure gold and dazzling zircons make it a timeless jewellery piece. The Rhinestone Gold Earring is excellent for people who want a sophisticated yet eye-catching adornment. Increase your style with this magnificent earring that exudes beauty and elegance.
Note: Most pieces are made to order, please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery.