Infinite Gold Earring

SKU: TPS-5607

Stones : Multi Stone

Weight : 2.592 gms

Colour and elegance combine in the Infinite Gold Earring, which captivates with its incandescent charm. An infinite loop of multi-coloured stones creates a kaleidoscope of colours that dance in the light in the earring. Each bright stone, chosen for its brilliance and clarity, is set in a delicate gold frame for added elegance. The circular design represents continuity and timelessness, making this earring a timeless statement. The Infinite Gold Earring's deep blues, rich reds, glittering greens, and brilliant yellows make it a versatile accessory that matches many ensembles. This earring will draw attention, whether worn casually or as a beautiful finishing touch. In the Infinite Gold Earring, a beautiful blend of multi-coloured stones and gold creates a gorgeous and distinctive jewelry piece.

 Note: Most pieces are made to order, please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery.