Heart Shape Gold Earrings

SKU: TPS-4950

Stones : Zircon

Weight : 0.96 grams

Heart Shape Gold Earrings are a wonderful expression of love and everlasting elegance. These magnificent earrings combine gold's warmth with the allure of zircon stones, showcasing romance and sophistication. Each zircon stone is meticulously fitted to enhance the heart shape of the Heart Shape Gold Earrings. The golden setting amplifies the zircon stones' brilliance, creating a luxurious light symphony. These earrings exude romantic splendour, making them a lovely addition to any event. Wear the Heart Shape Gold Earrings to commemorate love and enhance your beauty. Put these earrings on to lend a touch of romance and sparkle to your every move. Discover the Heart Shaped Gold Earrings, where zircon stones and heart symbolism blend well.

 Note: Most pieces are made to order; please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery.