Mocha Elegance Gold Earring

SKU: TPS-5692

Stone: Coffee, Ruby And Zircon
Weight: 5.448 gms 

The Mocha Elegance Gold Earring exudes elegance. This earring is a great blend of warmth, glitter, and timeless beauty, enhanced with Coffee Zircons that radiate the rich hues of a perfectly made cup, White Zircons, and Ruby Colour stones. The Mocha Elegance Gold Earring, made of precious gold, sparkles and surpasses trends. The coffee-toned Zircons offer depth and warmth, while the White Zircons sparkle with every step. The Ruby Colour stones provide depth and colour to the ensemble. "Mocha Elegance" describes this earring's beautiful and subtle colour combination, reminiscent of a sophisticated coffee blend. This flexible earring can be worn day or night for special occasions or to improve everyday style. Enjoy the Mocha Elegance Gold Earring, which complements your outfit and shows off your jewellery choice. This earring exudes elegance with its classic design and exceptional craftsmanship.

 Note: Most pieces are made to order, please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery.