Glowy Gold Earrings

SKU: TPS-5736

Stone: Zircon
Weight: 2.316 gms  

The Glowy Gold Earring illuminates timeless beauty with sparkling white zircon stones embedded in gold. This earring exudes elegance and versatility. White zircon stones are precisely set to give the earring a stunning light and sparkling effect. Each stone reflects and refracts light, illuminating the artwork. The Glowy Gold Earring is elegant because the zircons are carefully arranged to highlight their brilliance. The simple design highlights the white zircons' beauty. The gold setting enhances the stones, balancing understated elegance and stunning beauty. The Glowy Gold Earring proves that modest sophistication can make a big statement. Whether worn alone or with complementing accessories, the Glowy Gold Earring offers polished splendour to every outfit. It enhances your natural glow with timeless beauty that transcends fads and is perfect for casual and formal events. Use the Glowy Gold Earring to brighten your outfit.

 Note: Most pieces are made to order, please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery.