Classic Mina Gold Baali

SKU: BL-1544

Weight: 44.724 gms 

Classic Mina Gold Baali showcases Indian jewelry craftsmanship and culture. These baalis combine gold's classic appeal and red mina's bright appeal, handcrafted with care. The earrings' baali silhouette has endured for generations. The pure gold hoops are skillfully fashioned for harmony and balance. Rich gold is the perfect backdrop for a vibrant red mina colour. The Classic Mina Gold Baali is distinguished by its beautiful red mina detailing. Carefully applied red mina work creates ancient and contemporary designs, giving the earrings a royal grace. The bright red contrasts with the gold, making these baalis a visual feast. The latch-back closures make these baalis comfortable and secure, allowing the wearer to wear them confidently. They can be worn for cultural celebrations or everyday elegance due to their adaptable style. Classic Mina Gold Baali, a masterpiece that blends cultural richness with modern finesse, elevates your jewellery collection. These baalis are more than accessories—they celebrate the heritage and have timeless style.

Note: Most pieces are made to order, please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery.