Emerald Diamond Earring

SKU: DTP-785

Stone: Emerald and Diamond 
Weight: 12.082 gms 

Refined elegance and timeless beauty shine in the Emerald Diamond Earring. This magnificent item, meticulously made, blends emeralds with diamonds for a stunning display of colour and sparkle. An emerald, symbolising regeneration and prosperity, is the focal point—the earring sparkles with carefully placed diamonds around the emerald. Diamonds' exceptional brilliance enhances the emerald's innate beauty, providing a sophisticated contrast. The Emerald Diamond Earring, set in a luxurious gold or platinum frame, blends classic style with modern elegance. Its delicate quality and precise craftsmanship make it suited for special occasions, providing grace and poise. The Emerald Diamond Earring exudes richness and grandeur when worn alone or with other jewellery. This exquisite piece combines diamonds and emeralds in a stunning dance of brilliance.

 Note: Most pieces are made to order, please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery.