Azure Gold Ring

SKU: RG-4935

Enamelling: Blue and Red Mina

Weight: 6.06 grams

The Azure Gold Ring is stunning and vibrant. This meticulously crafted ring has gorgeous Blue and Red Mina enamel contrasting with the beautiful gold band. Deep, azure Blue Mina enamel suggests tranquillity and serenity, reminiscent of beautiful blue skies while flaming red Red Mina enamel gives passion and vitality to the design. This ring's Blue and Red Mina stones mimic a twilight sky's colours, expressing peacefulness and intensity. The flawlessly polished gold band highlights the enamel and adds refinement to the design. The Azure Gold Ring celebrates serenity and passion, making it an ideal accessory for individuals who value balance in life. Whether worn for love, courage, or personal style, this ring expresses the wearer's personality and feelings. The Azure Gold Ring is more than just jewellery—it embodies the essence of a twilight sky, reminding the user of the beauty in every moment and the harmony in contrasting components.