Crimson Gold Set

SKU: PS-2498

Stone: Ruby, Garnet and Zircon

Weight: 50.964 grams

The Crimson Gold Set is a beautiful representation of opulence and luxury in its purest form. This stunning necklace set is crafted from lustrous gold and features a combination of luxurious gemstones that work together in perfect harmony. Garnets, with their dark, earthy colouration, stand for tenacity and resolve, contrasting the blazing red rubies, representing enthusiasm and vitality. The sparkling zircon adds a touch of sophistication and glamour, further contributing to the overall allure. The Crimson Gold Set creates a mesmerising display of colours due to the careful setting of each stone in the set, which is set against a radiant background of gold. This set is more than just jewellery; it makes a statement about one's taste in elegance and luxury. The Crimson Gold Set is an option that will always stay in style and is ideal for those who appreciate the lavish beauty of gemstones set in gold. It is also an excellent choice for any special occasion because it makes a striking and memorable impression.

Note: Most pieces are made to order; please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery.