Regal Feroza Brillance Gold Set

SKU: ES.2647

Stones : Feroza 

Weight 5.440 grams

The Regal Feroza Brilliance Gold Set oozes riches and royalty. This stunning set combines gold's ageless appeal with feroza stones' compelling beauty to create a royal masterpiece. Each feroza stone in the Regal Feroza Brilliance Gold is meticulously placed to show off its bright colour. The feroza rocks shine in the golden setting, creating a wonderful symphony of colour and luxury. This royal glamour set is a stunning accent to any outfit. The Regal Feroza Brilliance Gold Set invites you to embrace feroza's rich symbolism and gold's timeless beauty. Wear this outfit to bring regal charm and brilliant shine to your every move. With the Regal Feroza brightness Gold Set, refinement and regal brightness blend perfectly.

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