Green Mina Gold Ring

SKU: RG-4937

Enamelling: Green Mina

Weight: 6.18 grams

The Green Mina Gold Ring combines elegance with nature's splendour. This gold ring holds a stunning Green Mina stone with forest-green tones. The Green Mina enamel is a beloved enamel representing development, harmony, and energy due to its vivid green colour. The Green Mina Gold Ring evokes the tranquillity of lush greenery, fresh leaves, and blooming flowers. The delicate gold ring enhances the Green Mina enamel's natural brilliance and balances organic and elegant. Wearing the Green Mina Gold Ring celebrates life's vibrancy and nature's beauty. This ring elevates every outfit, whether worn to symbolise personal growth or nature's tranquillity. The timeless Green Mina Gold Ring represents harmony and vigour and appeals to nature and style enthusiasts.

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