Haze Gold Ring

SKU: RG-5253

Stone: Zircon

Weight: 6.24 grams

The Haze Gold Ring is elegant and ethereal. This beautiful gold ring has many sparkling zircon stones arranged to produce a stunning light show. Zircon stones sparkle brilliantly, creating a delicate and intricate pattern like a dawn-lit gossamer veil. The Haze Gold Ring evokes hazy mornings and intrigue. With their celestial brightness, zircons represent clarity, purity, and protection. Recalling a dawn haze, the ring's design lends mystery and refinement to any outfit. The Haze Gold Ring invites you into a realm of magic and beauty. With its ethereal charm, this ring adds magic to special occasions or symbolises elegance. The Haze Gold Ring exudes clarity and charisma, adding a timeless charm to every gesture. It is adored by those who value the extraordinary.

Note: Most pieces are made to order; please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery.