Jade Gold Ring

SKU: RG-5319

Stone: Jade and Zircon

Weight: 3.276 grams

The Jade Gold Ring combines elegance and magic. This stunning gold ring has a deep green jade stone at its centre. Zircon stones sparkle around the jade, adding refinement to the ring. Like jade, valued for its spirituality and healing abilities, this ring symbolises peace, balance, and good fortune. The lush green jade represents growth and renewal, bringing knowledge and fortune. The glittering zircon stones combine with the jade to create a harmonic colour and texture contrast. More than a fashion statement, the Jade Gold Ring celebrates nature's beauty and timeless elegance. This ring is stunning, whether worn as a sign of serenity or to add elegance to special occasions. The Jade Gold Ring symbolises balance and rejuvenation, expressing the wearer's sophisticated taste and adding mystique to every gesture.

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