Lagoon Silver Ring

Rs.21,600.00 Rs.10,200.00
SKU: SRG-1261

Stone: Jade

Weight: 8.94 grams

A tranquil jade stone is set in sterling silver to create the eye-catching centrepiece of the Lagoon Silver Ring, an alluring jewellery piece. The colour of the rock, a dark green, brings up images of the serene beauty of a distant lagoon, embodying the essence of nature's grace and tranquillity. Because it represents harmony and balance, this ring is an excellent addition to the jewellery collection of individuals who value the peace found in natural settings. The Lagoon Silver Ring is a classic and sophisticated piece of jewellery that will look great with any collection. It will bring to mind the serene beauty of secluded lagoons and the calming energy of the ocean.

Note: Most pieces are made to order; please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery.