Royal Sunset Set

SKU: PS-2497

Stone: Ruby, Champagne and Zircon

Weight: 39.312 grams

The Royal Sunset Set is a magnificent example of luxury and sophistication in its design. This alluring collection of gemstones is set in radiant gold and hand-crafted by skilled artisans. The warm tones of champagne, which represent celebration and joy, are the perfect complement to the fiery hues of the ruby, which evoke passion and vitality. The zircon stone, which reflects the allure of a mesmerising sunset, contributes to the sparkling quality of the ensemble. Each stone is carefully placed, resulting in a harmonious combination of colours that perfectly captures the spirit of a regal sunset. Those who value the mesmerising beauty of jewellery inspired by sunsets will find the Royal Sunset Set an excellent option because it is a statement of sophistication and luxury.

Note: Most pieces are made to order; please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery.