Victorian Ruby Pearl Elegance Gold Set

SKU: ES-2620

Stone: Pearl, Zircon and Ruby

Weight: 54.85 grams

A bridal masterpiece, the Victorian Ruby Pearl Elegance Gold Set captures the charm of a bygone period while remaining a classic. Pearls, Zircons, and Ruby stones of varying colours, all set in gleaming gold, make up this magnificent outfit.

This set's beautiful design perfectly combines both classic allure and modern elegance. The combination of iridescent Pearls, brilliant Zircon, and fiery Ruby stones creates the perfect look for a bride who wants a touch of traditional luxury and cutting-edge style for her wedding day—putting the finishing touch on a face of royal romance and elegance for your wedding day. Wearing the Victorian Ruby Pearl Elegance Gold Set, you will radiate timeless elegance as you enter the aisle.

Note: Most pieces are made to order, please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery.